If you need help in rejuvenating an older home and giving it a new breath of life, Pacifica Custom Woodwork can make your workload significantly lighter.
Our woodworking company is the local leader in historic restoration and preservation for homes of this caliber. From door and window replacement to siding replacement, add-ons or additions, or custom trim work, Pacifica Custom Woodwork is here to help. Not only are we fully equipped and highly capable in helping you restore the look and feel of the olden days, but, we can do so by also combining modern efficiency into your home, as well. Whereas you’ll be able to enjoy the atmosphere produced by historically accurate features and items, you’ll find that there’s no need to neither be concerned about a lack of security in your historic home nor worry about those drafty windows.
Pacifica Custom Woodwork has been proudly providing historical woodwork services, such as, beautiful custom wood windows, custom wood doors, and custom millwork for Pacifica, CA clients and the surrounding areas for many, many years. Our process involves blending traditional craftsmanship with time-tested methods creating fine quality pieces of eternal beauty and elegance that withstand the test of time.
While Pacifica Custom Woodwork does some of the most exceptional work in new construction; preserving, restoring, and reclaiming are principal components of our core values. Restoring an old woodwork back to its original glory is something that we are passionate about. Whether it’s as major as bringing back an entire home from the brink, or as simple as restoring a broken piece of historical wood furniture, there’s no job too big or small for our expert artisans.
Throughout our region, there are a lot of homes with registered historical designations. Because of the high-quality building materials used in their construction, these homes stand proudly today. However, with the kind of climate we have in Southwest, proper maintenance is essential. It would be quite difficult to name one thing that is key to successful historical renovation. A few to include are the importance of considering the use and the age of the building, analyzing the effects of weather and the climate on a structure, and understanding the traditions of the region.
But maybe the most challenging part of a successful historical renovation is the need to modernize a space without losing its character. When you are able to liven up an older home but still manage to keep its historic grandeur, then you have accomplished a successful restoration. And at Pacifica Custom Woodwork, we take pride in achieving this for our clients.
If you have a historic restoration project you need help with, don’t hesitate to connect with Pacifica Custom Woodwork for a free assessment.
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